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Monday, December 26, 2016
By Adriana H Carrier
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You can have wrinkles, and stretch marks and extra weight and age spots, and that is not where your beauty is. Your beauty is in you, reflected in your eyes and in your heart and soul, in the way you love your children and everyone who loves you can see it except you.


I had a client come in once and she brought her 6 year old son with her. While she was in hair and makeup he played games on his iPad. My makeup artist did a tremendous job on her and I could tell my client felt really beautiful. She had a big smile on her face and a gleam in her eyes and she walked out and asked her son: "Well, what do you think?" He glances up from his iPad, looks her up and down, shrugs his shoulders and returns to his game.


Here's the thing. He didn't need to see his mom all glammed up to see that she was gorgeous. He already knew her beauty. He saw it every day in her smiling eyes and her warm embrace, in the way she cared for him and the way she loved him. Hair and makeup did not change who she was to him. It did not change the beauty that she exuded towards him every day. This was his mom. The same mom that he knew and loved and a little face color was irrelevant to him.


Wouldn't it be amazing if we could see ourselves the way our children see us? Sadly we're not that enlightened. We need a little TLC to feel like we look our best, like we are the best version of ourselves. Hair and makeup is like armor to us. We put it on and we are ready to face the world. Or the camera... But armor is irrelevant among loved ones and has nothing to do with who we are, just as our physical self and the way we embelish it, or the way time has gnawed at it, has nothing to do with our true beauty. 


I want you to see yourself with the same love with which your family sees you. And if I have to pull out all the stops to get it done then so be it. Hair and makeup for everyone!


Here she is by the way. Isn't she stunning?

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