Experience Flawless Headshots With Our Headshot Marathon

Thank you for your interest in the January 28th headshot marathon.

I am so excited to start offering these bite sized sessions that will give you everything you need to update your headshots while excluding all of the hassle of a full on portrait session.


It's short and sweet:

We'll take 20 minutes to photograph your best angles and your most brilliant smiles. Another 20 minutes to pick your favorites, and you are done! 


Amazing turn around:

You will get your finalized images within 24 hours! I know! We're gasping too!


More than you'd expect:

It's not just a one and done deal here. It's THREE digital images to use as you wish!



Yes, your images will be edited! No stray hairs or random blemishes that of course would pop up for no reason other than that you REALLY didn't want them to.

TWO outfit changes. That's right, no need to stress out about the perfect outfit. You can't choose between two favorites? Bring them both. Heck you have a third one? Bring that too and we can decide together or possibly fit that extra one in because you just had to have it.

How is all this possible in such a convenient time frame? It's simple: I'm REALLY good at getting the perfect pose, expression and lighting. If you don't find three images you love, you get your money back.


So you know that cute picture of you that your little one took two years ago that you still use as a headshot? You and I both know that's just not cutting it anymore. 


So if you're looking for flawless, professional headshots, then fill in the info form below and we'll contact you with our availability. These will sell out FAST because these sessions are a STEAL!