The Self Esteem Sessions

I aim to photograph 1,000 girls between the critical ages of 7-14 to help elevate their self esteem. 


I believe this age range is a critical time in the life of a young girl. This is when her sense of self starts to develop and this is probably the time when she will face the most criticism from her peers since girls at this age don't really have a filter. I wanted to offer an opportunity to tip the scales and help put her on the path to healthy self esteem. I want this girl to see how beautiful she really is, to see herself the way people who love her see her.

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Are these sessions for you?


Consider this: the tween years are the end of childhood. You are seeing your daughter change from one day to the next and the last vestiges of her littleness are vanishing before your eyes.

One day soon she will no longer sit on your lap. She will no longer crave your presence or your cuddles. Your words and advice will no longer carry as much weight. She already doubts you when you tell her she's beautiful.

These sessions are celebrity style portrait sessions done in my studio in Central. They are designed to make her the center of attention, to empower her and uplift her so that she walks away feeling beautiful and confident. 

I really believe in this project with my heart and soul and after two years of doing this and the incredible feedback I’ve been receiving I realize it’s something our daughters almost desperately need.

Not because they have low self esteem but because they deserve to be celebrated, and they deserve to know how incredibly beautiful they are.

How amazing would it be if we could raise a generation of women who are not plagued by the same doubts and insecurities we suffer from? A generation of women who know their worth, who know their beauty and are free to be truly, unapologetically themselves?!

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