Wednesday, January 25, 2017
By Adriana H Carrier
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Photographs can stop time. But I've always said that paintings can transcend time.


I started out as a painter. Got my BA of Fine Art in 2006 from Davidson College - a small little liberal arts school close to Charlotte, NC. We were 1600 students. TOTAL. My graduating class of fellow artists was a total of 14 students. Talk about a bubble haha. I fully expected to go on creating art, but I had no idea the type of art was going to change from painting to photography. I was always meant to be a photographer, but the love for painting that Davidson instilled in me never truly left. The other day I had the urge to combine my two favorite mediums and have decided to offer this hybrid as a product at my studio.


As a custom commission this Painted Portrait starts out as a beautiful photograph and is then printed, painted on canvas and framed. This mixed media art piece is as luxurious as it gets and is truly something that will transcend time. I offer it in three sizes, small, large and impact and it is meant to be displayed in a prominent location in your home and will literally stop everyone in their tracks.



I invite you to come by the studio to see it in person because it is truly stunning! 

Monday, December 26, 2016
By Adriana H Carrier
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You can have wrinkles, and stretch marks and extra weight and age spots, and that is not where your beauty is. Your beauty is in you, reflected in your eyes and in your heart and soul, in the way you love your children and everyone who loves you can see it except you.


I had a client come in once and she brought her 6 year old son with her. While she was in hair and makeup he played games on his iPad. My makeup artist did a tremendous job on her and I could tell my client felt really beautiful. She had a big smile on her face and a gleam in her eyes and she walked out and asked her son: "Well, what do you think?" He glances up from his iPad, looks her up and down, shrugs his shoulders and returns to his game.


Here's the thing. He didn't need to see his mom all glammed up to see that she was gorgeous. He already knew her beauty. He saw it every day in her smiling eyes and her warm embrace, in the way she cared for him and the way she loved him. Hair and makeup did not change who she was to him. It did not change the beauty that she exuded towards him every day. This was his mom. The same mom that he knew and loved and a little face color was irrelevant to him.


Wouldn't it be amazing if we could see ourselves the way our children see us? Sadly we're not that enlightened. We need a little TLC to feel like we look our best, like we are the best version of ourselves. Hair and makeup is like armor to us. We put it on and we are ready to face the world. Or the camera... But armor is irrelevant among loved ones and has nothing to do with who we are, just as our physical self and the way we embelish it, or the way time has gnawed at it, has nothing to do with our true beauty. 


I want you to see yourself with the same love with which your family sees you. And if I have to pull out all the stops to get it done then so be it. Hair and makeup for everyone!


Here she is by the way. Isn't she stunning?

Tuesday, December 20, 2016
By Adriana H Carrier
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Is that like fashion photography? A big and resounding NO to this question. Beauty portraits are meant to give the average, every-day woman the chance to feel and look like a movie star. This session is all about you (you can bring a friend if you'd like and share the fun but we'll focus on individual portraits). You will have your hair and makeup done and then comes the photo session. This is where most women get uncomfortable. The spotlight is on you. Now what to do?! That's the cool thing, I will tell you EXACTLY what you need to do. I will tell you how to hold your chin, how to move your shoulders, where to place your hands, what foot to lean on and everything else in between. 

Style choice is one of the most important factors for a successful beauty session. Don't worry I will guide you through this as well. When we meet for your consultation I will tell you exactly the type of outfits you should bring and it will largely depend on what type of woman you want to be in your portraits. For example are you going for a strong and cool vibe or do you want to embody everything that is soft and whimsical? And the fun part? I'm consistently growing my own studio wardrobe so you'll even get to play a little dress up!

My ultimate goal for a Beauty Session is to get you to connect with the camera. This is probably one of the hardest things to capture because only a very small percentage of the population is actually comfortable in front of the camera. I'll tell you honestly, the first twenty or so images I take are only to warm you up and it's very seldom I get anything worth while. But after a while of directing you and twisting you into a pretzel, you'll start to trust me. And then, I'll bring in the fan to add some wind to your hair and THEN we're in business!!