Self Esteem Session Giveaway

The Self Esteem Sessions Grand Giveaway

The tween years are some of the last years where self esteem can be organically built. 

A self esteem session is designed to make your daughter feel like a celebrity at the center of attention. It will empower her and uplift her so that she walks away feeling beautiful and confident.

When she sees her images, she will be brought face to face with all the beautifully authentic parts of herself: her gentleness, her sassiness, her sweetness and her fierceness. She will FINALLY see herself exactly as you see her.


And you, momma? You will be left with the sweet memories of an incredible shared experience and the most beautiful portraits of your child, immortalized as she is, on the cusp of womanhood.

You will look into her eyes and glimpse into the future and you will fret that she looks too old. And years from now, when you look again at these images, all you will think is "Goodness... she was little."

A Giveaway Unlike Any Other


This is the largest, most important giveaway we've ever done and will ever do. The prizes are many and the value is off the charts. 


There will be ONE Grand Giveaway Gold Prize winner:

This is the ultimate, $3500 prize that will cover a full, no holds barred session.



In person consultation

Styling advice and ideas

Personalized session design

2 hour session

Full access to all my beautiful gowns in my client closet 

Hair styling

Professional coaching through poses and expressions

Professional, flawless editing

20 magazine worthy portraits



Two Silver Prize winners:

Each receives a $1000 image purchase credit



Three Bronze Prize winners:

Each receives a $500 image purchase credit



We will be giving away FIVE session fees!

Or, take advantage of this sweet deal right now:


Our session fee is normally $250 but if you book now, for the duration of the giveaway it will only be $100!

Click the button below, fill in your information and we'll contact you within 24 hours to schedule a consultation and book your session. 

Don't worry! If you are one of the winners, we'll refund you the $100.

"If we could only see the light that shines within us, this world would be a very different place"


Through these past ten years I have come to know one irrefutable truth: Every woman, EVERY woman has a distorted view of who they are. We are largely incapable of seeing our own light. And sadly, it starts when we are young, when we refuse to believe what our mothers are telling us. And consciously or unconsciously, we tie the view we have of our physical self to our self worth. And that is the saddest part of all. 

But the Self Esteem Sessions were born of the need to show young girls the incredible beauty of their own being. Because if we could only see the light that shines within us, this world would be a very different place.